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Building Warrant Applications

Not all building projects require a building warrant, but you are best advised to check with your local authority before you start your project.  A good place to start is to see which works are exempt.  If your project is not listed as being exempt, you should apply for a building warrant before you start any works on site. Visit  hLp architecture can do this for you and is a mainstream service we provide.


The Scottish Technical Standards are strict guidelines every building warrantable project should follow with the main reason for this being to protect the health and safety of those who use the property and those who are affected by the work either directly or indirectly.  If these guidelines are not followed and something should go wrong in the future as a result of defective work resulting in personal injury, death or financial loss it is likely that criminal prosecution will ensue.  You should avoid this and employ hLp architecture to prepare and lodge your building warrant application on your behalf.

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