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There are several standard forms of building contract for domestic homeowners to use in Scotland although a bespoke contract may be your preference.  If you are considering a bespoke contract that your builder suggests it may suit your needs but be careful and take legal advice on it before you sign. You should always take legal advice if you are unsure of any contract you are entering into.  These documents are a legal safety net for all contracting parties to fall back on should things go wrong. 


hLp architecture recommend the use of a standardised JCT or SBCC Homeowners Contract or the RIBA Domestic Building Contract


Your contract documents are a combination of a written document, drawings produced by hLp architecture and drawings produced by the Structural Engineer or other consultants you have appointed on your project.


Altering the fabric of any structure will require the involvement of a structural engineer.  hLp architecture has formed strong relationships with local consultants who will be familiar with your project type and existing building structure.  They will provide drawings and detailed specifications that will form part of the building warrant application hLp architecture will make your behalf and these will ultimately form part of the construction drawings you will give your builder



It is our view that the majority of homeowner domestic projects do not require the appointment of a quantity surveyor however if your project is large or complicated and cost advice is seen to be an advantage we recommend you engage the services of a consultant who has particular experience in your project type.  Your chosen builder from the outset should be in a position to provide you with excellent and experienced advice for you to follow if this is not the case you may want to question if they are the right builder for you  

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