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Your Contractor

Choosing the right builder for your project is vital and you should not rush into this just because a builder offers you the cheapest price.  Standard practice in the building industry is not to choose the cheapest builder but this may not necessarily true.  Considerations on which building contractor best suits you will be down to several factors.

  • Price

  • Previous experience

  • Personal relationship

  • Trust

Knowing a builder before you ask him to tender for the work is perhaps the best way of understanding what a builder is capable of as not all building contractors will suit all project types. hLp architecture have worked with a wide range of local building contractors over the last 15 years, some excellent, some disappointing.  We have however developed good working relationships with many builders who cover all of the Lothians. hLp architectures advice on which building contractor you should consider is heavily based on previous working relationships on similar building projects and understanding what strengths and weaknesses they have.


It is likely that you would wish to formalize your building project with a builder using a formal written contract.  Should a dispute arise during the works on site a formal building contract will guide you through what recourse you or your builder will have to remedy the situation.  You should remember that although building projects are exciting and should result in success, they can be extremely stressful whilst works continue on site and you should be realistic about this before you start.  hLp architecture completely understand what you should expect, and we can guide you through the process and help you prepare in advance.  Smiles and tears are part of the process, but we will help you focus on what is important at the time.

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